Monday, 13 October 2014

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Georg Ohm

The   statement of Ohm’s law  is simple and it says that, whenever a potential difference or voltage is applied across a resistor  of a closed circuit, current starts flowing through it. This current is directly proportional to the voltage applied if temperature and all other factors remain constant. Thus we can mathematically express it asV is directly proprtional to I

Now putting the constant of proportionality we get,


This particular equation essentially presents, the statement of this law where I is the current through the resistor in unit of Ampere, when the potential difference V is applied across the   resistor  in unit of volt, and ohm(&Ohm;) is the unit of resistance of the   resistor  R.

It’s important to note, that the resistance R, is the property of the conductor and theoretically it has no dependence on the voltage applied, or on the flow of current. The value of R changes only if the conditions (like temperature, diameter, length etc.) of the material are changed by any means.

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