Tuesday, 28 October 2014

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To convert energy from one form to another a machine is required .In the D.C Machine the energy conservation is based on the production of dynamical induced emf .The machine which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is called a Generator. The machine which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is called a D.C Generator and when electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy , it is called D.C motor. All these conversions take placed through the medium of magnetism. As  such magnetism plays an important role in the energy conversation and so also its laws. Since the conversation is bilateral from electrical to mechanical and vice –versa , the machine which operates as a generator can also be operated as motor and as such the construction features are same . The basic law which is applicable in the D.C Machine is Faraday’sLaws of Electro-magnetic induction for which the essential requirements are
  •                     Conductor
  •                     Flux
  •                     Conductor process cut the flux

The principle of operation is based on the Faraday’s Laws of electromagneticinduction which states that 
  •    Whenever a conductor cuts the magnetic field an emf is induced in the conductor
  •   The magnitude of induced emf is proportional to the rate of change of flux linkages
  • ·   Such induced e.m.f will last only as long as the flux linkage exists

                 Mathematically the law can be expressed as
                       Let N = No of turns of the coil
                      ᶲ1 = Initial flux through the coil (Wb)
                       ᶲ2 = Final  flux through the coil (Wb)
                       t = time in seconds during which the flux changes from ᶲ1 to ᶲ2 Wb
Since flux linkage is the product of flux and number of turns
Initial flux linkage  =  Nᶲ1
Initial flux linkage  =  Nᶲ2
Change of flux linkage  N(ᶲ2-ᶲ1)
Therefore, e.m.f induced in the coil is propotional to the rate of change of flux linkages 

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