led serial light

Monday, 13 March 2017

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How to Make LED Serial Light in Our Home

led serial light

LED Serial Light Making

Dear All
         This topic for how to make serial decorative light in our home with cheap cost. Please go through the following steps
1. Purchase all items for making light

  • Serial Light Cap and Holder- 50 Nos
  • LED Light 8MM---50 Nos
  • Cable -30 Mtr( 15+15)
  • Capacitor 474 400V --1 Nos
  • Resistor 100 Ohm --1 Nos
  • Diode IN 4007---4 Nos

2.Cut the wire in 30 Cm length in each colour
3.Cut one wire piece for first twisting is 30 cm length(This is for first use)
4. Twist the cable 15 cm + 60 Cm length 
5. Solder the first LED +ve leg , Connect 15 CM length wire and connect 30 cm wire in negative leg
6. Again solder (Connect) next LED - Ve leg connect first 60 cm wire.
7. Continiue this process in 50 led

More Details please watch this Video

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