earth pit, earth checking, sop, earth value,

Saturday, 24 September 2016

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Standard operating procedure for Earth Pit Maintenance (SOP)

earth pit, earth checking, sop, earth value,

1.1                   To describe standard work procedure for the maintenance of Earth pit.
2                     SCOPE:
2.1                   This procedure is applicable for the preventive maintenance for Earth pit 

3                     REFERENCE:
3.1               maintenance Check list
3.2               IS 3043-1987

4                     Other SOPs having reference to this SOP.
4.1          Nil
4.2               Nil

5                     DEFINITION:

5.1        Nil

6                  Maintenance Procedure:

·         As per the Preventive Maintenance schedule,  Engineer informs Powerhouse and  allot Technicians
·         Get the work permit from Engineer.
·         Necessary PPE’s to be used for PM activities.
·         Check the condition of Earth resistance Meter  and it working properly
·         Arrange the two electrode  for Earth pit checking
·         Check the tightness of Connection and clean the Earth Pit
·         Connect the equipment  as per Fall of Potential method
·         Taken Earth resistance value When Grid Connected(below 2 Ohm)
·         Taken Earth Resistance value when Grid disconnected(below 5 Ohm)
·         If  Earth resistance value is low , adding water and salt in the Pit
·         After completion of the PM work, the same should be communicated to respective area Engineer
·         Fill all data in Check List
·         After the PM inform to Power House
·         This preventive maintenance will be carried out once in year  as per schedule

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